James Cropper PLC, a prestigious coloured and technical paper manufacturer, operates from a large site in Burneside, Kendal, which has been the company’s home since 1845. 

In 2015, the company provided roof space for the installation of a 250KW solar PV array and signed a power purchase agreement to buy all electricity generated by the scheme over a 20-year period.

The solar installation is managed by Burneside Community Energy (BCE), which invests profits from the scheme within the local community.

A second rooftop solar installation was installed in 2019, nearly tripling onsite solar generation. Later phases are currently being considered.

Locality: Kendal

Asset Owner: James Cropper plc

CEG: Burneside Community Energy

Electricity Generated /Saved: 550MWh per year

Tech Used: Solar Photovoltaic Panels

“The partnership was not only a huge positive for all concerned but entirely logical. The company needs as much carbon-free electricity as it can get, but would have struggled to find the necessary capital alongside so many other demands put on the business.

Benefits to Asset Owner

  • Benefit 1: Significant reduction in carbon emissions associated with power demand
  • Benefit 2: Reduction in energy bills versus imported electricity
  • Benefit 3: Visible contribution to a community benefit enterprise and local projects