The Doddington and Rollo Community Association (DRCA) is located in an old underground car park beneath a large housing estate in Battersea. Because it requires continuous artificial lighting of communal areas, workshop units and studios, it was suffering from very high electricity bills.

In 2017, Community Renewable Energy Wandsworth (CREW) Energy worked with the DRCA to replace all of its lighting with 550 highly efficient LED bulbs, controlled by motion sensors. Over the first two years, they have saved £530 per month or 18% on their energy bills.

The project was the first example of a community energy saving project in London using an energy services agreement. CREW Energy handled all aspects of the project for the DRCA. They performed the technical assessment, raised the funds, managed the installation and oversaw the preparation of contracts.

“DRCA is making significant savings from the energy bills as well as from the cost of
spares/replacement parts. We also believe we are enjoying a better quality of lighting”

-Justin Kello, Office Manager, DRCA

Benefits to Asset Owner

  • Benefit 1: Significant reduction in energy bills with no upfront costs to owner
  • Benefit 2: Reduced need for / cost of spares and replacement parts
  • Benefit 3: Visible contribution to a community fund tackling fuel poverty